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Puzzley puzzle

OK, I really don't know what gives here. Reading along in 1Q84 I find him using a kanji as a verb, but not at all the obscure verb the Wordtank gives. So I reach for the translation to see what they make of it, and find two sentences in the English version that don't exist in the Japanese. It doesn't look like there are variant versions of the Japanese work, so I have no idea where those sentences came from.

(The kanji is 肯 which Murakami seems to use for unazuku, nod in agreement.)

2011 was a disaster internationally, nationally, locally, and personally. But personally it was still better than 2010, in the way that it's better to have a full-blown head cold that will eventually get better, than the vague pre-cold blahs and malaise that will only get worse.

My list of first times-- I planted a garden, which may not be a complete first as I vaguely remember some stubby carrots I grew at Bedford when I was eight or so, but I'm calling 50 years the statute of limitations, so my lettuce and three whole zucchini count as a first. I had Thai massage, which is umm an experience. I began embroidering, and I crocheted something I actually wear. I started something that charitably might be called meditation, and found it did make a difference. I sold stocks online and made a profit, though sinking markets have cut that right back to my initial investment. OTOH a year ago I'd lost a third of my investment on paper, so I'm still better off than I was. I had eye surgery, which is a first I suppose, though it seems just the latest in a series of age-related surgical interventions.

And maybe 2012 will be better than 2011.
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