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Nice things

Morning: Woke from a dream about going to Shoujocon, or some Shoujocon, set long ago and far away in my brother's old bedroom in the family house. A lot of making last-minute hotel reservations while someone insisted on trying to upload their dancing and singing Sailor Moon .gif on my technology-challenged computer (possibly the one I had in 1987), so an element of frustration dream in it too. But mostly the sun shone and I was going to New York to see a lot of old friends; and was surprised to wake into Now when Shoujocon is just a distant memory.

Midday: The mail brought mvrdrk's elegant cotton and silk-knit cowl, or neck warmer as I call it, in my shades (burgundy heathery port.) The knitting is so fine I couldn't possibly wear it to work, but shall put it on when I'm dressed up to go out to dinner. Well, I *did* wear it to work to show it off, and because the pre-schoolers aren't likely to wipe their dribbly faces on it, but in general-- no, I shall keep the infings far away from it and it from them. But thank you so much, mvrdrk.

Evening: Up at Blawblaws to get Dimetapp for *my* snotty nose, I ran into a 50% off sale on Olay products. Someone said that all you need for skin care is Dove soap and Oil of Olay. Well, maybe. I was briefly tempted by the 'hint of foundation' one to cover those brown blotches that have begun to appear, but figured it'd just look like makeup, so bought the 'full-range protection' one that screens out UV rays and sunlight-- not that there's much of either in a Toronto winter. But it might actually, yanno, *moisturize.* 'Do you think these will actually make us look thirty years younger?' asked the unwontedly gregarious woman cruising the shelves at my side. 'I doubt it. And would you really want it to?' 'Mh, maybe not. I'd settle for fifteen.' Yes, so would I. Largely because at 45 I looked 35, which is a good age to look.
Tags: dreams, rl_11, xmas

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