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Listing to one side

1. Severed tooth was essence of no big deal. Mid-afternoon I was thinking 'This is a doddle, maybe I'll go hang out with some babies.' Then it started to hurt, but half a tylenol-3 (= two over the counter tablets, a dose I regularly take anyway) put it to sleep again. Great strides in the science of tooth extraction since 2003, of which all I remember is weeping in pain and waiting desperately till I could take another 292 (aspirin and great amounts of codeine.) I do miss aspirin and codeine, which gave a lovely high when it didn't give strychnine poisoning stomach cramps; but tylenol-3s will do, evidently. (I can have '1-2 every 4-6 hours', evidently. The zombie walks.)

2. Did read Snuff to alleviate pain. Liked it a lot, but I've always wanted more Sybil, or Sybil/Vimes seen from the inside, as it were, not the outside as in Thud and UU-was-it? Must re-read Thud because *I* didn't remember spoiler spoiler spoiler.

3. Facebook, when I say 'recent entries first' I want you to keep it at recent entries first. God, you're an annoying social interface.

4. The Bloor is closed for renovations, so the Japan Foundation is having its free films down on College St, fifteen minutes south of me as the crow flies or the bike wheel spins. But that's dependent on no snow and today calls for scattered flurries. Which is either 'melts on pavement' or 'turns into sheer and murderous slick' depending. Transitting to 15 mins south of me is a nightmare. (I *would* live next to the one main n-s street that has no transit south of the subway, but that's because Christie south runs beside a great big glacier track which has kept it a narrow one-sided residential street.) As to whether my knees are up to a trek like that, well, shall see.

5. Am not taking Dutch this term. Am sad I'm not taking Dutch this term, especially when I read sentences like 'Van kwart voor een tot kwart over twee - from a quarter to one until a quarter past two.' Over twee. I like it too much. But then, the reason I wanted to take Dutch is because over twee is not (I am willing to bet) pronounced anything like English over twee. Alas, me and winter do not get along physically, and going to class two nights a week is just so likely not to happen.

Nor am I taking Intro to Translation. They meant it about near-native fluency in writing, which in my case I have not got. So I'm taking a distance course in reading and writing, the former of which is way below my level-- easy online articles-- but the latter of which may polish my rusted writing skills. Agreed, online writing is easier than by hand, but the structure of Japanese is... well.

6. The downside of not listening to music much is that when music is thrust upon you as (cough) in the Christmas season, one gets hideously ear-wormed. Brain cannot decide whether to play Holly Jolly Christmas or Let it Snow and so alternates on a continuous loop. Leonard Cohen and Loreena McKinnett (the only CDs my ancient system will admit exists) cannot compete. Oh woe is me.
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