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Though I'm not a huge fan of the Riverside series, Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman seem to be very nice people, and I wish them very well and very happy, which they seem to be anyway. But when I read about their New York jaunts and con-going events, and when Riverside side-stories show up in people's charity auctions, I can't help a small wistful desire that Melissa Scott and Lisa Barnett were doing it too, and blogging about it, and that it was Points gaiden I was bidding on.

Also I r slo. Always wondered about Coindarel's Dragons, that military outfit Philip was attached to at some point, and what it was. Took someone's typo to inform me that that's their version of dragoons.

When I get angry and say things I shouldn't, I never apologize with 'I didn't mean it.' Of course I meant it. I don't have to make up baseless charges when people so generously provide me with solid grounds for dissatisfaction. It takes me a little mental work to believe that some people do say what they don't mean. And I mean, why? Why make up fantastic accusations when, yanno, people provide you with so many grounds for dissatisfaction?
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