mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Happy Monday

nekonexus wrote me a Goujun story. Stunning images, delicately edged characterization, and resonances that tickle at the mind as, yes, fish in a pond brush over the skin.

"But in the Ocean, he speaks the language of the waves, he knows how to see through what obscures others' vision."

"Non-attachment is a difficult thing for a dragon." Mh, yeah. It would be.

And this, which I love:

"...he hears the koi speak. Swifter than thought, they tell each other tales of what passes Below. Their voices jumble over each other - each one distinct, each one a thread in a cacophonic melody of imperfect harmonies. Each swish of a fin, each ripple, each breath through their gills - it is all a part of the story."

No, I *will* not say 'we are a tale told by a carp' but, well, the idea is there too. "... or a butterfly dreaming it was a Chinese philosopher."

Story is based on the seal script Confucian passage in this picture, whose text was so painstakingly unravelled by lovely friends in this entry.

NB Link takes you to the whole entry because there are other fics in there worth reading.
Tags: chinese, dragons, fic, saiyuki_gaiden

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