mjj (flemmings) wrote,

When immune systems crash

Mother of a head cold on top of the leg. Misery indeed.

So after work Tuesday I grabbed six or seven DVDs from the rental store: two season 2 Saiyuuki eps and a handful of martial arts films. Watched a Saiyuuki one yesterday morning, with the first set of Gaiden flashbacks and the Shien-centric ep at the end. Subtitles are useful, yes. And how nice and inspiring it was to see these guys again after several years' break. I may just buy the season 2 DVDs since I had to keep reminding myself that the Homura-tachi are anime-specific. ('How did that line go in the manga? Oh right. There wasn't a manga.')

Then pulled a Chinese one and started watching. As Flow would have it it featured a blind man too. And quickly descended into major WTFness because I'd grabbed on the basis of title alone, and this was The White Dragon.

Mid-afternoon two parcels arrived- my WARD from shiny_monkey (and that unreadable kanji in the scans is 'shake' which has a theatrical secondary meaning I'll figure out when my head clears) and a box of books and manga from paleaswater. The books are Robin Hobb, thick enough to build a wall with and play For the Love of God Montresor. (No really, it's a daycare game. Take a dozen large foam rubber blocks and one baby. Make a row of four blocks in front of baby. Put a second row on top of the first. Put three blocks on top of that. Say, 'OK, now say 'For the love of God, Montresor.' Try to get the last one in place and say 'Yes for the love of God' before baby knocks the wall down. No of course I'm serious. You people just haven't been in a daycare recently.)

The manga are more Konron no Tama and more Okano Reiko Onmyouji. Okano is getting progressively farther and farther up my nose, because with this bunch I've read the Yumemakura short stories they were based on. They're good stories. But Okano not only has to water the stories down as stories ('interpreted and improved by Okano Reiko') she also introduces her Murasaki Sue into Seimei's household early on, and presents Seimei as a tomcat from book one. Really, I expected better from a *female mangaka* than a lot of original het. (disdainful sniff) Because y'know: all the Seimei/Hiromasa subtext in the films was something Yumemakura insisted be put in. The manga could at least not have contradicted that.
Tags: okano_reiko, onmyouji, rl_05, wuxia

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