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mjj vs technology, the ongoing saga

(I dreamed a CLAMP manga last night, or anime, I suppose, because there was action. But *CLAMP*, all big eyes and feathers. I am displeased with my subconscious.)

I've always thought that if I had a paper copy of that story I've been hacking at for (counts) a good six years now, I'd be able to see what's wrong with it and what needs cutting and how to work out where stuff needs to go, because it's just too damned unwieldy on a computer screen. (Actually, I want to copy it longhand in a Moleskine notebook that called my name. Same thing.) My printer is old enough to go to university, but that's OK because it's working with a system only four years younger than it. But it's inkjet; one must buy ink cartridges for it, which most people don't carry. And people who say they do cartridge refill? Don't anymore.

Last Christmas it was, I discovered that Grand&Toy had 'refilled' cartridges in the right size. Bought, put in printer, hooked everything up to machine, pressed print. All the lines had white space through them. Could have cried.

Last March came across a place that has the real cartridges. 'Oh, the G&T ones, they're old cartridges that are worn down, no wonder they won't print.' As he also said, correctly, you can buy a new printer for what an inkjet cartridge will cost you now, but that means learning how a new printer works wibble wibble. Came home, put cartridge on top of printer, felt disinclined to do anything else with it. The depressive anxiety thing hits in the tech area first and, come to that, always: would sooner play online solitaire for days than deal with anything mechanical.

Monday, Buddhist no-mind helped me rehook up the printer to the old computer and deal with all the cords. The next step being, obviously, to print, I no-minded that last night. Open doc, click on print, click on p.1.

All the lines had white spaces through them.

Took cartridge out, shook it, made sure ink was actually flowing, put back in, pressed print again. The page came out blank. Wash, rinse, repeat about three times.

Thought no-mind thoughts, took cartridge out, banged it on the table, put it back, pressed print.

It printed.

Some times you have to go with the common wisdom.

Then printed out the story I started four years ago, and the one I started eighteen months ago. And maybe now they'll go somewhere.
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