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October Reading

Two detective stories of sorts:

1. The Paradoxes of Mr Pond
2. The Right Attitude to Rain

Three silk roads books, in descending order of silliness:

1.Song of the Silk Road
-- On my Sunday walk I came across a sidewalk book sale-- the ones where the books are laid out on the sidewalk: we do that a lot downtown. (See: outside the Brunswick Tavern any day of the week.) This one was run by a middle-aged couple who might have been selling off their library, only that their library is remarkably eclectic. They had a copy of Song of the Silk Road, and now I wonder if *they're* the book collectors who take the volumes from my front yard.
2. Silk Roads and Shadows
-- in which the Byzantine Emperor's sister goes to get silkworms from China and becomes-- err, I forget what. Some kind of Chosen One from Shangri-la. A bit too slick, but amusing enough.
3. Silk Road
-- which I still should have liked better than I did. Larsen at least has done her homework; possibly because she reads Chinese and translates Chinese poetry.

Four very good Holmes pastiches:

1. The Oriental Casebook of Sherlock Holmes
2. The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
--'to mark the 100th anniversary of the first appearance in print of Sherlock Holmes, the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has authorized an official book of new short stories, written by 16 British and American authors, including John Gardner and Stephen King.'
3. The 7% solution
4. The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes (Adrian Conan Doyle)

The Jane Austen Book Club
-- which is fun riffs on a favourite author

Gift from the Sea
--from the Front Lawn Library, dated but OK.

Got almost all the way through Sylvia Townsend Warner's After the Death of Don Juan (from another category, 'Books I've had since the 80s and never read) but it gave me mental indigestion and I dropped it. Not my writer; and I think I thought she was Sylvia Ashton-Warner when I bought it.
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