mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'For there was never philosopher could endure the toothache patiently'

I got to see my endodontist today, or *an* endodontist, but just barely. I almost didn't-- he had to leave early and his secretary kept calling me at home and not at the work number I gave them yesterday. Le sigh. I see I must get some version of a cell phone eventually. But he gave me a super-duper anti-inflammatory to take tomorrow because it may give me coffee nerves shakes and may give me hiccups (the two known side-effects) but should put paid to this bout of dental hysteria.

(In fact I was feeling much better this morning, the naproxen after three days doing what it was supposed to do, just as its stomach-rotting effects made themselves known. The cessation of pain is such a relief, it seems like a miracle.)

And I consider gloomily that there are people in Tibet perfectly ready to burn themselves alive for the sake of their country, and I can't take a simple tooth-ache.
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