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For my own use, mostly, a translation of the last Gaiden ep.

F/X Bang boom!
Hostages inside: screams etc
Kenren: Ohh? They've come armed, have they?
Tenpou: Mhh. They're probably just trying to get us out
Still, shall we go show them our faces?

Tenpou: Konzen, will you look after Gokuu?
Konzen: Mh-hm. Take care
Gokuu: (gasps) nh haa ze
n.. zen...

Konzen (thinks): Gokuu...
Goujun: Konzen Douji
Konzen: What?
Goujun: I suppose this is the first time we've ever spoken to each other
Konzen: ...I've never had anything to do with the military

Goujun: Then why are you setting yourself against the army now? If you hadn't opposed them to protect the Seitan Taisei, your rank would have guaranteed you concessions. (Yakusoku, lit promise/s. 'you were of a rank to be promised')
Konzen: It's just that I don't like what I don't like...
No matter how big the other side happens to be
Kenren: You called us? Here we are!
F/X kaboom

Kenren: Heeere's Johnny!
Tenpou: You're showing your age, Kenren.
Litouten: So the rebels have finally appeared-
Marshal Tenpou of the Western Army
General Kenren of the same!

Litouten: You have shielded an impure child and slain countless numbers of soldiers
You have ventured so far as to take hostages and hold them in confinement. This constitutes open rebellion against Heaven!!
Tenpou: Mh, that's about the size of it.
Kenren: So what of it?
Litouten: Damn you, do you mock me!?
You're saying you have no intention of surrendering? Then you'll pay for this misconduct with your lives!

Tenpou: Ohh, so we're definitely the bad guys here?
Then let me try talking in bad guy fashion:
'We got *hostages* in here, ya know!' 'Ya think you can do something about it, let's see ya do it!!'... and so on.
Kenren: Enjoying this, aren't you?
Litouten: Then let me ask- what are your demands?
You can't be intending to stay cooped up in there forever.
What do you want so badly you'd take on the army of Heaven to get it?

Tenpou: Well, General Kenren...
Kenren: What?
Tenpou: Now what do we do?
Kenren: (unclear kanji: guess) You're asking *me*?
Goujun: So I'll ask: what can *you* do now?

Goujun: The army now looks on you four as enemies and unclean. They'll put all their might into subduing you
And all because you wanted to protect a single child
You're a hothouse flower with no experience of combat: what can you do?
All that awaits you is your own destruction.

Konzen: You're probably right. But...
I can't go back now and I don't want to.
Goujun: (becoming aware) Seiten Taisei!!!

Gokuu: (deep breathing panting)
Konzen: Gokuu...

Goujun: Undo these ropes, Konzen Douji! I'll fight him!!
You're no match for him!!
He'll *kill* you, Konzen!! Untie me!! Quickly--

Goujun: *Konzen!!!!!
F/X slash

Gokuu: (panting) haa zee--
Konzen: Back then--

Konzen: It was you who held your hand out to me first.
... it's such a nuisance
Not for anything in the world

Konzen: can I let go of your hand now.

F/X shock happening
Goujun? Konzen?: That's--
That's crazy...!?
F/X wind through the cherry blossoms

Kenren: They do say, to fall and scatter is also to be free.
Tenpou: Ahh
It would be nice
Kenren: 'Exile to Under Heaven'

Kenren: That's our demand!
Crowd: (bustle, gasps)

Kenren: After all, like deserters,
Heaven *isn't* our destination
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