mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Gallimaufry of current events

1. Came out of work last night to find the back wheel flat. On a holiday weekend, oh woe. Walked it up to Curbside Bikes, amazingly still open, and asked dispiritedly what the chances were of getting it fixed this weekend. In summer fixing a flat at Curbside will take three days. 'Go talk to the mechanic, I think we can do it now.' They did. Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles...

2. Optometrist is trying the 'one eye for distance, one eye for reading' thing with me, 'and we'll correct your astigmatism while we're at it.' Astigmatism-correcting lenses make everything mid-range blurry, near *and* far. Unfortunately I usually need to see what's happening three feet in front of me, especially since that's where the computer screen is. Am not impressed with modern technology.

3. Went to the laundromat Tuesday night to wash and dry my heavy terrycloth bathrobe. Full of the usual locals, a different bunch from the weekends when I wash and dry my sheets and hoodies. (Washer rocks under heavy loads, dryer does not dry satisfactorily, hence the laundromat.) A well-spoken young musical type sat with his sheet music and laptop, evidently following a score. I was amused by his appearing here, given that a similar type shows up in the Isabel Dalhousie books I'm reading. A young woman with brown eyes and short brown hair, wearing brown cords, was folding laundry. It was all brown corduroy pants and off-white long-sleeved shirts, not feminine at all. That 's what I wore all through my twenties. It felt like looking at me thirty-five years ago. But I never wore transparent rayon underwear patterned in large flowers, and she does.

4. Supposed to be near 80F, 27C tomorrow, which is not as bad as the 90F, 33C we had three years ago. Is still not quite what I want at Thanksgiving, but pleasant enough; and everyone else is thrilled.

5. Mindfulness has not helped at all with my urge to consume red velvet cake every day. Once it was a rarity, but now the local Dufflets makes a red velvet cake and many Second Cups as well as the local super has it on offer. Something must be done about this because I can't bear to look at my scale in the morning.

6. Doug Miller is still having a sale, and had a recent shipment of Holmes fanfic Holmesiana, of which I bought several volumes including The Oriental Casebook of Sherlock Holmes. Which is well enough except-- here I am in the first story, which IIRC happens during Holmes' 'lost years', yes? between 1891 and 1895. And somehow there's a King-Emperor Edward on the throne. Which is a neat trick when Victoria didn't die till 1901.
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