mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Wordsworth Editions has a line of classic horror and ghost stories, all available at the Blue'n'white bookstore. Sheridan Lefanu, whom I think I've read and not that long ago, but nothing sticks in my memory except a sense that Lefanu wasn't all that scary. Ambrose Bierce, ditto. RH Benson, who wrote Mapp and Lucia-- how scary can he be? The Monk, which is giggleworthy.

But. But. They also have an edition of M.R.James, thirty of his classics. Which I would love to read, or reread in the case of Ghost Stories of an Antiquary. But the absolute prerequisite to reading James, for me, is having a Significant Other to share one's bed and keep the night terrors away after reading him; and that, alas, I do not have.
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