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Had a doctor's appointment Tuesday. Doctor's office is at the top of one of TO's slopes, a gradual ascent except for the bit just north of me. Biked, as ever, over east, up the hilariously misnamed Poplar Plains where the bike path is, even though the grade is milder farther west where I am. Just near the top of the slope is a park. If I make it to the park I'm in good shape and walk the remaining bit very pleased with myself, breathing heavily of course. In September with the allergies and the rattle in my chest I count myself lucky to make it halfway there.

Tuesday I'm bicycling up the hill and bicycling up the hill and waiting for the expected swimming vision and tight chest. Does not happen. It's the knees that give out first, halfway past the park. Am at a loss to explain this until I remember all that diaphragmatic breathing I've been doing since April, 'following the breath.' Buddhism: good for what ails you, evidently.
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