mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Happy Birthday to incandescens, even though it's tomorrow where she is.

I thought I wanted to read Sorcery and Cecelia but could never find a copy. Then I found a copy and read it and thought it, honestly, a bit of a mess. "How strange you should mention So-and-so." But I can find no mention of So-and-so anywhere. The afterword tells me why it's so unfocussed, but still. Such a pity. It could have been quite stunning with a little effort.

I got The Glass Castle from the Front Lawn Library. My s-i-l got it from the real one and thought it stunning. As I was fantasizing about borrowing money to rebuild the crumbling back extension of my house, the s-i-l said, 'Do that. But read The Glass Castle first.' I'm trying, I really am. But it's such a downer that I'd rather read about Irene Adler taking on Jack the Ripper instead, which is pretty far down.
Tags: holmes, reading_11, rl_11

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