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My dentist is a nisei or sansei, and has various Japanese objects in her office including a wind chime from some temple with the usual tanka on it. Was examining it the other day, dental ass't asked could I read it, I said yes, pretty much-- all about seeing the willow quietly growing green on the north bank just like-- 'but I don't know this character.' Looked it up when I got home. Kanji dictionaries and Wordtank were adamant it didn't exist. Yes, well, dictionaries and Wordtank were stumped by Angel Sanctuary vocabulary as well. Looked it up in the online hanzi pages, though mandarintools also denied its existence when I searched by radical and bound. nciku of course provided it when I drew it: 泫, weep; cry; shine, glisten; drip. Then looked it up in online Japanese dictionaries, and got-- a bunch of references from Chinese-Japanese dictionaries. Obscure, whoever you are, Mr. Medieval Poet.
Tags: chinese, japanese

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