mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Woe is me

Whoever told me there were 25 volumes of FMA lied like a rug. There are 28, and I must wait yet a while to discover what happens. I could order it in Japanese, I suppose, but money is currently being funneled into Teeth, the perpetual bugbear. How a twenty year old root canal can develop an infection of the bone, I do not know, but it has and I suffer, as Catullus said. I see the specialist in September to find out whether they must redo the whole operation. 'We wouldn't take the crown off, just drill through it.' This sounds like my notion of a really bad idea.

Also I find Donald Thomas' Holmes pastiches something less than satisfactory. Most people's Holmes pastiches are less than satisfactory, by me, even Ronald Knox's.
Tags: fma, holmes, reading_11, rl_11

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