mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The Scorpion departs and never returns

Lost my keys today. They were there when I unlocked my bike from the chiropractor's and were not there five minutes later when I arrived home. Obviously worked their way out of my shirt pocket, just as the replacement keys did that afternoon, but I didn't hear them go SPLAT on the concrete like the replacements. Retraced my route immediately but didn't see them. If anyone found them they probably kept them for the Tiffany key chain. Alas my keys, alas my Tiffany key chain; must now rely on the Sanzou key chain (not easy to misplace, one virtue) and make a copy of my copy key in case I lose that.

Dreamed last night that Japan had been bombed, its mountains flattened, but I promised them revenge if I could have their national treasures, their precious {things}. The Japanese gave me their {things}. The kimonoed mother of the family I was staying with was astonished that I had these {things}, and her husband was prostrate with delight after having a taste of the {things}. The {things} were perfectly obvious to me when asleep but awake I couldn't think what they might be. I believe they were some kind of sea food.

Then I was back at Nichibei Kaiwa, my language school of twenty years ago. The oddity being that the area around Nichibei really was the area around Nichibei-- Yotsuya station, the view down Sotobori-doori to the National Guest House. My dream Tokyo is usually a Platonic Form of the place- all the feeling but none of the RL details. Dream Nichibei however was exactly that: a large gracious structure with wood panelling, possibly borrowed from University College here at UofT, full of children, not foreign students of Japanese. Stuff like this makes me think there might really be an archetypal Tokyo, the reality under the appearance, as there is an archetypal London; and then I think no, Tokyo doesn't have enough reality even in the waking world.
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