mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Dear God, it lives!!

(Tried posting on Monday)

If I found a medication that gave me the happiness and freedom and sense of possibility that half a litre of wine does, I'd take it. Especially if its effects lasted longer than half a litre of wine's does. But however briefly, I remember what life was like ten or twelve years ago. Let's go to Japan! Let's buy a ticket at the shop next door and make our reservations for a business hotel in Komagome and off we go! Or farther back-- let's go to France! Amsterdam! England! A rail pass and friends to crash with and no worries about knees or backs (though in '89 I did bring an orthotic pillow with me; even in those days...)

All this helped by odd flashbacks to the early 90s and my Papuwa obsession, whose flavour I'd almost entirely forgotten after almost twenty years. Hot weather and interrupted sleep will do it.

Otherwise, hot weather seems the time to read Holmes fanfic pastiche. Finished Caleb Carr's The Italian Secretary in today's early morning thunderstorm, and find ghost-apprehensive Watson rather like French Judge Dee breathing a prayer to the gods: no-I-don't-think-so. Am reading His Last Bow as a corrective. The Onlie Begetter is the onlie one who can get the voice right. I can accept and enjoy the Mary Russell books, somehow, as Leatherpants!Draco, ie we aren't trying for the real thing: but those who do try for Watson's voice tend to fail, IM ever so HO.
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