mjj (flemmings) wrote,

What online media do, she says disapprovingly, is spread panic. Yes it was hot yesterday. Yes it was 38C/ 100F. Does that merit screaming about Toronto's hottest day EVAR!!! and cooking dinner on car hoods? I do not think so. It was 100F often in my childhood. Ah, says the weather agency wisely, but those measurements were downtown, not at the airport, and downtown holds heat and the measuring agency moved around whereas Pearson's weather agency has been in the same spot since 1937. Yes, and? I live downtown. It gets to be 100F on occasion. It was also, pace the scary humidex warnings, a dry 100F with a wind, and rather invigorating. One window AC flying low kept my whole house quite pleasant. I have met more unbearable 24C/ 75Fs, with mug and unmoving air and grey pollution.

And it was only the *fourth* hottest day on record at Pearson, so nyahh.

('Like Osaka, isn't it?' said the European dad whose Japanese-kei wife took him there one traumatizing summer. Yes, rather; but we're a lot greener than Osaka.)
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