mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Some hours after my eye operation I went to the corner store for sundries, like Montreal bagels, and came home. Around 6 I discovered that my wallet was missing from the backpack.

Because one must pay the eye clinic fees with a credit card, that day I'd brought not only the low-balance VISA I use for online purchases, but the line of credit one with the high five figures. First thing I did was call and cancel, natch. No one had used them, which meant lost not stolen, but still. The chances of finding a lost wallet in this town are not high. (And I shall say here that on my evening walk today I found a July Metropass on the sidewalk, anonymous as you please, so it can't be returned to the owner. If I were not me I'd have taken it, but I am, so I left it for someone else.) Then I went back to the corner store and yes, they had my wallet, which I'd probably put on the counter and not picked up again because, actually, I wasn't seeing much on that side.

I had replacements within the week, but my online stores still have the old one on record. This has kept me from a multitude of impulse purchases, and is useful. No more. Hundred Demons 20 is out, and I must inform bk1 of the new order of things forthwith.
Tags: 100demons, rl_11
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