mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Haunted Nights

Strange night last night, not just for me evidently. Strange and vivid dreams. The earlier and fuzzier one had petronia sending me a book from which emerged-- that animal which is and is not a penguin or a pigeon or a goose or possibly a goat-- which proceeded to shit copiously about the house and the text; and I had to clean up after it.

Followed by a long, detailed, highly-coloured ghost story involving a haunted Japanese resort in the mountains with elevators I and my friends needed to take to try to get to our rooms. Only various people were also in them, who looked like guests or staff except... wrong. They generally served to impede us from getting to where I or we were going, sometimes by making the elevator doors vanish, sometimes by sending the elevator down when we wanted to go up. (Shades of Utena, I thought on waking.) Sometimes there were saunas and swimming pools with doors that unaccountably became locked, so one had to use the windows to get out of them. Partway through the dream I clearly remember thinking 'I never have dreams like this' but then continued dreaming, until at last someone produced the woman, now middle-aged, whose urami over some adolescent humiliation had caused the various phenomena to appear in the first place.
Tags: dreams

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