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Dorothy Parker wrote book reviews. They were lovely lovely book reviews. "This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force." "It may be that this autobiography is set down in sincerity, frankness and simple effort. It may be, too, that the Statue of Liberty is situated in Lake Ontario." "You see? And she can go on like that for hours. Can, hell-- does."

If you were wondering if there's anything to this reincarnation thing, go read rushthatspeaks's review of 300, the manga comic BD graphic novel (because why use one word when two will do? *We* are not laconic) and be reassured.

[here is where I snip a seventy-five page digression on Greek marriage customs and social constructions of sexuality, just go read the Davidson, you can pick it up from the floor where it bounced off Frank Miller's head].

(Parenthetically-- Across the decades I'm remembering a story from Greek history class- some representative from some Greek city came to ask Sparta's help during a... famine, I think; and made a long and impassioned plea to the assembly, and was turned down. Next day he came back with a grain sack, held it up, and simply said 'Empty.' The Spartans voted to send help, but one elder told him afterwards that his speech was still too long. 'We could see the sack was empty.')
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