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Afer Life

Conclusion: my brain doesn't discriminate among differing visual stimuli. It registers them all as 'experience' if the stimuli are strong enough. I knew that I used to have to track down random feelings of dread or euphoria to their source and expel them with a 'No that didn't happen I just dreamed it did.' I read enough books that my mind seems to know now that a downer from print comes from a book, but I'll still get little faux-memories of things I've 'seen' in this book or that.

Seems to be visuality that's the crux. I don't in fact watch much stuff on a screen but since I've started doing it, I find I'm dreaming every night and remembering the substance, at least on waking- once a month was a good average in the old days. With TV as with dreams, I also find myself thinking I've been places and done things I haven't. Hence this morning: 'Who was that nice Japanese official I was talking to the other day? Oh no, I wasn't. That was me watching After Life last night.'

Everyone else has seen this so I won't burble. But no-one else who recommended it to me here knew what the best part of it was. It was all those Japanese bureaucrats and Japanese people faced with bureaucrats all trying to make this very embarrassing situation easy for each other. Oh, and I loved the teenaged girl who trades the stereotypical memory of Disneyland for the old-fashioned and equally stereotypical memory of having Mama cleaning her ears even though she doesn't really remember it, because she thinks maybe they want her to and she always tries to please. Absolutely none of which was stated overtly. This is why the Japanese occasionally make me feel like an elephant, psychologically.

Is public servant the real translation of koumuin? Technically it is, but I never meet public servants over here and I met them everywhere in Japan. When I was replacing my ID three years ago I dealt with a whole bunch of 'people who work for the government' but none of them (except I bet the officious Baboo type who handed us our numbers at the Health card office) were public servants. Over there- they're koumuin and you both know it cause y'know it matters that they work for the ku or the ken or federal customs and imm.

Oh- and caveat. My brain knows anime is anime. I never confuse it with anything I might have done.
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