mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Lost days

Err well. It has been a week. A pity I remember nothing about it. Reading Russell all week, not ever quite enjoying it but not disliking it enough to read anything else.

Monday evening I noted as grey and cool and whorl-clouded, but the memory is gone. Yesterday was a panic about a missing dollar coin that should have been in my pocket and wasn't. Panic because I'd been in the infant section and if it slippe dout there chances are it went into someone's mouth. This evidently didn't happen.

Today I sold my first stocks myself, for a nice sum that goes straight into my untaxed savings account, and in the high of that took me out to lunch, though oddly all the restaurants were still closed at 12.10. So I went to the pricey bodega run by the parents of one of our kids and had a marvellous sandwich and glass of Chardonnay; after which it was still 12:10. So took my watch in to the upscale place at Spadina and Bloor that replaced the little Czech watchmaker's hole in a wall cubbyhole, dusty wood and glass case counter, Czech porcelain figures in the small window and inspirational mottos on the wall, all retaining an air of the 50s. Upscale jeweller is a personable guy who replaced my battery but couldn't get the back of the watch back on. Cheap watches, yes indeed.

A headachey afternoon and much Pepsi and two hours with a most conversible almost-5 year old who undertook to teach me the Arabic alphabet. And now I am home and the evening is cool and I am for a hot hot bath.
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