mjj (flemmings) wrote,

"Could it be that I too have become a preta?"

Stupid Facebook and its word limit. Reposted here.

Someone asked Thich Nhat Hanh what the realm of the hungry ghosts is like. (Preta, right? or gaki in Japanese: swollen- bellied thin-necked beings, whose desires torment them constantly, but can never be satisfied.) He answered: 'America.'

Trying to find actual *news* on the webpage of the GlobbyMail-- 'Canada's national newspaper' (sic)-- amid the barrage of articles on stocks, bonds, trading tips, commodities to watch out for, what kind of car to buy, the best hotels in New York, unknown getaways in the South Seas, nado nado, I'm inclined to agree. Shall still go on buying lottery tickets, of course.

("In addition to hunger, Pretas suffer from immoderate heat and cold; they find that even the moon scorches them in the summer, while the sun freezes them in the winter." Sounds like me, yup.)
Tags: religion, rl_11

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