mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Mindfulness and meditation and meds have sweetened my temper considerably these last months. (I shall have a post some day about the Buddhist practice of metta, not to be confused with meta, though I think I do confuse it with 'God bless Mummy and Daddy and Gran and Teddy,' which it so much resembles.) But periodically something returns me to my wrathful howling self, and it happened today.

Garbage day. I neglected to bring the green bins in the minute they were emptied. One must bring the green bins in the minute they are emptied or else you will return from work at five pm to find that some public-spirited dog walker has stooped and scooped and bagged its canine's poop--- and deposited it in *your* green bin to sit in the 33C/ 91F heat and stink it up for the next week.
Tags: religion, rl_11

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