mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Les malheurs de la technologie

Pressed the button on my Win98 machine this morning. Nothing happened. On button will not on. A hardware problem for once, and theoretically fixable. But in the meantime, oh woe moan weep, I must go back to WinXP, which has been so hung about with charms and talismans and spells (read: AVG Antivirus) that it fails to function for the first half hour post-reboot. And periodically thereafter while avgcsrvx.exe does its thing. I suppose I should switch to something less invasive, but a little aversion therapy to my online time-wasting, not to mention my solitaire habit, is not necessarily a bad thing.

(I have a monitor happy to display at 800x600, but card game sites that look great in Win98 at that resolution are missing huge bits of themselves in WinXP. Why, I don't know.)

Because this machine has the connection to my penny stock portfolio, I checked out how my investments were doing after a month or two. In March I was up $6000, which was most gratifying. Yesterday the stock value nosedived for reasons no one knows, and today my profit had shrunk to a mere $2,500. I shall never get rich from penny stocks, so much is clear.

In happier news I had a Thai massage today, part of a Japan Relief fundraiser at the place I have my acupuncture. 'The lazy person's yoga', as it was described, and it is. Unkinked my shoulders finally, which acupuncture hasn't managed to do yet.
Tags: rl_11, techy

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