mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Buddhist perplexity

Look guys. Mindfulness is all about living in the moment, in right now this very second and not the storied past or the wishful future; and Buddhism is all about detachment, about not grasping at that which is pleasant or fleeing that which is un. But how the hell am I to be mindful and Buddhist when people start talking about Basara the manga, and I am suddenly transported to 1994, buying volumes randomly in second hand bookstores whenever I can? (Flashback to the dim brown fluorescent-lit 2nd hand manga store that used to exist at the end of Finder Jean's street, smelling of mold and dust and oh my god 1994 was so long ago and far away nido to wa modorenai sekai.) Or transported to 1997 and the inevitable crushing betrayal of the narrative, after which I hardened my heart for good and never let a mangaka inside it again (but did not change my email handle.)

However I do *not* want to think Ageha is any version of Francis Lymond at all. Though he probably is.
Tags: japan, manga, religion
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