mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Flush as May

What a lovely day today was, largely because it began with meeting unearthly_calm for coffee down near Chinatown. Which meant meeting unearthly_calm, since in our ten or twelve years of casual net acquaintance we never have. She lives on the other side of the globe and will continue to do so, because she's off shortly to Japan to study at my old language school. Ah, Kai Japanese Language school in wonderful grubby Shin-Ookubo-- how that does take me back. To early '93, in fact (cue winged chariot theme) when the sun and the sky looked rather as they did today, bright and clear and sharp.

(You can argue that Tokyo has two seasons, sharp and fuzzy. Sharp extends from December to March-ish. Everything else is fuzzy-- blurred and softened by the omnipresent moisture in the air.)

It's so nice meeting old friends for the first time. I'd do it more often, but it usually involves going to conventions.

After that it was Happy Birthday Buddha time; this year I actually have a vague notion of what's going on at a Buddhist ceremony, which is progress. Then I had hot apple cider at the College St Second Cup and read more Merlin Conspiracy; I cruised Kensington Market, specifically Kensington Ave itself, which is given over to Indian clothing stores; at the nandemo ii store (I cannot call it a dollar store since most things cost way more than that) I bought a yoga mat on which to do my 'road to hell is paved with' intended exercises so my chiropracter stops nagging me. Going home I picked up a bunch of old NYT magazines from a box on someone's lawn. My Lottario ticket won me five dollars; there are more blossoms on my cherry than yesterday; I walked the neighbourhood looking at the flowering everythings and picked The Classic Illustrated Sherlock Holmes off somebody else's lawn.

In the evening I went through my clothes and found that my cotton pants from the 90s now fit beautifully. (I almost never throw clothes out, though regrettably I did give a bunch of stuff to Goodwill because I truly believed I'd never again be the weight I am now.) Then, contrary to that parenthetic statement, I tried on and threw out eight pairs of control top pants from ten years ago, keeping only six pairs because you never know when things will come in handy. And I can't believe I used to wear those when I was eight kilos heavier than I am now, because man are they tight even now. OTOH my old summer dresses still fit funny. Weight distribution is not where it was in 1997. Or else I need to buy proper bras at last. (shudders)

And showered and washed my hair and am going to take my lenses out and read some more DWJ. For once the Buddhists are right and this present moment is a perfect moment.
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