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1. kintail and nekonexus came to visit with their little eeensie weensie utterly ADORABLE ball of KEWT (cough) their six month old Pomeranian yesterday. I discover that puppies are like floor babies. (Yes you know what a floor baby is. One that crawls but does not pull to stand or cruise along furniture.) They're Hoovers. Before either visits you must vacuum or sweep mightily because they'll find anything on the floor-- Oh look dust ball! Oh look scrap of paper! Oh look ancient cracker crumb! Oh look chip of rock salt!-- and put it in their mouths.

2. To discover what Christopher Chant is like grown up, I reread Charmed Life, a book I thought I knew well. Have forgotten much. See why Sabina was so appalled at Chrestomanci's approach to gifted but intransigent children. Does he ever give a reason for not doing what he says not to do? Does he ever even define precisely what he says not to do? He does not. Naturally he fails resoundingly with Gwendolen.

3. Yesterday reread The Pinhoe Egg which I like, though Cat is going to have a terrible time as Chrestomanci. DWJ thought Cat was on the autism spectrum, and I can kind of see why. He's still basically a nicer person than Christopher. Last night I read House of Many Ways, whose basic conceit appeals to me greatly (your solution to urban sprawl: multi-dimensional monster houses built on bungalow lots) even if I'm not a great fan of Howl or the books he appears in. DWJ's recurring tropes are Appalling Relatives and the Family They Betray, and Appalling Men and the Women Who Love Them (Howl and Christopher, IMHO.) Saturday's reading was bingo! for both.

4. The budding days of spring bring not lawn sales but lawn freebies. I can't resist those boxes of books, though god knows I should learn to. But the Easter weekend gave me a hardback copy of Kafka on the Shore (in English) and Contraception and Abortion from the Ancient World to the Renaissance. Yesterday morning was The Lion's Roar: an Introduction to Tantra and yesterday afternoon was Me Talk Pretty Some Day. While I can romp through two DWJs in a day, my track record with those weighty tomes on Mindfulness and Buddhism and Buddhist Mindfulness is pathetic, so I have no hopes for anything but the Sederis. Doubtless I shall read all of them some day... but am tempted to reread Deep Secret and The Merlin Conspiracy first. Jeanne revisits the English oughties, having revisited the Japanese ones last month with all those 100 Demons rereads.

5. Of course I had to wait till spring and warm(er) temps before discovering the joys of soccer socks. Knee length and more on my long legs, padded in the sole, perfect for cold weather days. Also invariably white, a problem, but no matter.

6. *Go away* little canvasser, go away recorded Jack Layton phone spam. I voted in the advance polls-- for your party, as it happens-- but you make me regret the decision.

7. April reading

House of Many Ways
The Pinhoe Egg
Charmed Life
Conrad's Fate
Enchanted Glass
Tiger's Blood
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