mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Easter Meditation

Guys, there's this notion that we have separation of Church and State in this country. So why is Good Friday a national holiday? And why, in the name of all that's holy-more-or-less, are supermarkets in Toronto closed on Easter Sunday? The local indy, Fiesta, is an Italian operation in a largely Italian and Portugese community, so fine. The Loblaws chain, and especially the Loblaws on St Clair just south of the largely Jewish enclave of Forest Hill, is not a Catholic operation at all. So what gives?

(Googling reveals that Boxing Day is a statutory holiday only in Ontario. Everywhere else it's 'optional'-- and since the most egregious optional holiday is Nov 11 when only banks and governments take off, I gather that optional means 'not for the masses.' I see no mention of Easter Monday being a holiday for anyone outside PQ, but look ma, no mail today. Hunh.)
Whatever, I spent the Easter weekend reading DWJ-- Conrad's Fate after Enchanted Glass, mostly because I couldn't remember a thing about the former. Nor do I understand the complaint I read recently about the lack of Christopher in CF. There's a *lot* of Christopher in CF and no more likable than he ever was. Now I should reread something with grown-up Chrestomanci just to see how that bumptious youth grows into the dark and sinister-- err well, you know what I mean.
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