mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Revisiting the glimpses of the moon

1. umadoshi having been talking about Utena, so yesterday I went by my old video store (unvisited in two years, since I got Neverwhere from them; how time flies when your back is in spasm) and scored what remained of their collection. Shall note that the anime section in both Suspect and Queen Video is a shadow of what it was six years back in my anime watching days. Streaming, CrunchyRoll, whatever-- not in anyone's interest to buy the DVDs any more.

What I got was last three eps of the black rose arc and first three of the beginning of the end. I haven't watched this series in over ten years, and now realize how very much I didn't catch watching the raws. It would probably repay a complete re-view, but I'm not sure I could bear the reminder of just how long ago 1997 was.

2. I take my lenses out in the evening and then can read manga happily. Read on the downstairs couch, wrapped in blankets because downstairs is cold, like I did from the fall of '06 well into 2007, though I don't remember being cold then. Last night I went back and looked at the confusing Grandfather story in 100 Demons 14, the one with all the o-miais and the undeveloped twin, and finally made it make sense. Or as much sense as it will make when Ima refuses to tell us how the same person can be in the same time at different ages, the one thing time travellers are not supposed to do. Supposing he's time travelling argh this series. Intend a close reread of 15 through 19 because I feel that I've been short-changing this last lot (though my god you can't prove it from my lj entries on the subject-- and that's without the What happened to Aoarashi in vols 12 &13 confusion.
Tags: 100demons, anime, film, rl_11

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