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The general rule is that one should eat more vegetables. Vegetables fill you up, they say. Yes well. Vegetables are also time-consuming to cook and tough on my irritable insides unless bolstered by a lot of starch, which then undercuts the point of eating vegetables.

Enter Green Giant Japanese Mix. Frozen veg don't have the same growly effects as cooked from raw. Japanese mix has that weird misshapen broccoli that isn't as iron laden as local broccoli (which I can have three florets of, starchless, before growls set in) and those large soft green beans that Ive only found in France before this; also water chestnuts and carrots, which are actually *good*. There seem to be no additives or sugar. I throw in a handful of frozen lima beans, cook in a little water, add a tbsp of margarine and a squeeze of lemon, and am happy.


Pratchett, Making Money
DWJ, Time of the Ghost
The Demon in the Teahouse

FMA 17-23
--one hears 24 is out but no one has it
Oo-oku 2

Oo-oku 1
Kyouka's Watery Moon
--only took me a year plus. Lightweight, especially compared to Murakami; fun renough, and would read more of it, maybe; but the attempt to insert m/m is (as I thought I said somewhere) Robin Hobbs-ish-- clumsy hints and egregious service and never going anywhere. Ima could have drawn a better manga.
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