mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Bought the first volume of Wild Sheep Chase when I was in New York last fall, as I said then, 'just to see what Murakami reads like in Japanese. As suspected, he reads like tapwater, but less sociopathic tapwater than in English where the lack of affect reads very unsettling indeed.' I must have been thinking of another Murakami work, because for interest's sake this afternoon I had a look at the English version in Book City. I may have to buy it. Because *that*, my friends, is what a translation should be. It doesn't even read like tapwater.

(I probably didn't mean sociopath either. One must be as careful with psychiatric terms these days as one had to be with religious terminology in the Middle Ages. Homoousios, not Homoiousios, transsubstantial, not consubstantial. Whatever the tech term is for a blunted emotional range, distance from reality, and lack of empathy, then.)
Tags: japanese, reading_11, translation

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