mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Luddite sadness

Had a trojan on my XP. Took it to my sister's wizard in the far reaches of Downsville. Wizard did what wizards do, alas, which is reinstall the OS from scratch. This loses you things like email messages. That annoys me. If Windows can remember Documents and IE favourites, why can't it remember OE email folders, or at the very least, addresses?

The genius I used to have made house calls. He installed this Win98 many years ago (though not *that* many years ago-- well after 1998, for sure) and transferred all my email files from Win95. Hence I got the notion that when your tech guy says 'I'll transfer your files' he meant 'including email and addresses.' Wish he was still around. Luckily when I got the XP two years ago I had the wit to back up my email and addresses just in case, and so was able to transfer them. Those files were still there, in Documents where I'd saved them, so I do have my important emails back. I'm missing everything from Feb '09 to December '10, but memory insists gloomily that that wasn't much.

And the other thing that annoys me is XP needing language support to be installed from disk. I'd forgotten that detail when the bro took me out to Downsview and neglected to tell the wizard to add Japanese and Chinese support. Those of us in the 2nd hand refurbished market don't do disks so somehow I must rustle up an XP CD. And find where on earth I put my Word installation disks, that were tidily in a drawer last fall and now aren't. But then I hate writing on that machine and that monitor, and anyway I only have one monitor because the one the wizard said was just fine is only fine when it wants to be, and right now isn't, and so I'm back on Win98 which at least lets me play Yukon Solitaire in peace, even if it trips on Youtube entries.

Having had other things to worry about this last fortnight, techy dissatisfaction is almost nostalgic. But it's also depressing; if I'm going to b unhappy, there should be more constructive things to be unhappy about than the perpetual oughties plaint of 'I don't like how my computer screen looks.'
Tags: rl_11, techy
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