mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Welcome, Friday evening of a long weekend

Good heavens. Things one did not know existed: Don Giovanni set in New York with identical twins singing Giovanni and Leporello. Directed by Peter Sellars, which had me blinkety-blinking until Google disambiguated me.

Normally I like my seasons to be seasonal; the bitch of last year was that it so very wasn't. Thus the warm grey wet thaw of the weekend and the last three days (interrupted by skating rink cold snap on Tuesday) was depressing me more than a little (even if by yesterday I was able to bicycle more or less safely, greatly to the relief of my gimpy right knee and pressure-pain spasming left foot.) And as ever when the temps go to 10C/ 50F, my house was *freezing* inside, and I had to put the thermostat higher than I do when it's -5C/ 23F. Wet, dank, miserable. And next door was away skiing, so there were no reassuring noises through the common wall, which always makes me feel forlorn.

But today's record-breaking warmth was accompanied by the serene blue skies and happy sunshine of mid-March, and I liked it a lot. Of course there's currently a scary wind blowing as the cold front edges in that will return us to February, and I'm suddenly so glad the tree butchers have been around all month, courtesy of the city of Toronto, lopping any tree limbs that might fall on either the wires or someone's roof. I used to curse their rip saws and big ass trucks blocking all the neighbour streets, but now I feel oddly secure.

And before the clouds poured in the moon was being my default icon there, in a much darker sky.
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