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My father had a theory, based on personal experience, that all clockmakers go mad, or at least intensely strange. My papyrology professor said that all papyrologists go mad, or at least intensely strange, and this may or may not happen before they go blind. In both cases I assume the strangeness (and in papyrologists, the blindness) comes from constant attention to tiny finicky details. After reading this article on the passive, I wonder if the same isn't true of grammarians.

Don't get me wrong. It's a useful article. It's just not phrased in layman's language, the sort that might convince people that 'he is running' is in fact *not* a passive. Maybe I'm just fuzzy today, but when I sat down for a nice exposition on the passive and was at once presented with "English has a contrast between kinds of clause in which one kind has the standard mapping between grammatical subject and semantic role and the other switches those roles around," my mind went on stall. I shall keep it bookmarked in case my brain unstalls at some point, but I'm not sanguine.

Otherwise, a fast romp through FMA 17-21 (In English; it would not have been a fast romp in Japanese) leaves me, yes, jonesing for more. Library has 23&24. Were it not windy and snow squalling outside, and were my knees and shoulder not yelling at me for walking home over the ice floes yesterday (the bitty steps needed to negotiate corrugated ice lead to a lot of twinge twinge stab stab), I'd go buy 22 and get the next two volumes from Spadina. Patience, patience. My love affair with Olivier Armstrong can wait till next week.
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