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Err, really, Sensei? Three panels of Oo-oka Echizen and that's it? *And* you made her sniffy and judgmental. Doubtless the Edo literature version of Oo-oka Echizen was properly neo-Confucian in his values, but the tradition remembers him as humane and whimsical as well. I am sad.

The local library doesn't have Oo-oku, though somehow I thought the online catalogue said it did. (Now I can't get the online catalogue to give me locations for anything, rottit.) It did have the six or so vols of FMA that have been released since my last marathon read two years ago, so I copped three of those. May also drop by and see if they have those kids' books with Ooka Tadasuke in them, by the Hooblers. The system *has* them, it just won't say where.

(Using Wen Zhong icon as closest equivalent to Tadasuke.)
Tags: fma, history, japan, manga_11

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