mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Toronto, Toronto, Toronto. There was maybe six inches of snow when I got up this morning. For this you close the downtown schools? Yes I'm sure it was nastier out in the burbs, but seriously: how many downtown teachers drive in from Richmond Hill?

No seriously. There was more snow on January 8 because I was out over my boot tops in it that morning, shovelling. This... is nothing. So what was that 'monster storm coming, worst in two years!!' screaming yesterday all about? (And I snickered. Some people's memories are laughable. The last two years were mild. *Three* years ago is the standard.)

ETA: This just in from the Toronto Star! "There will be a short break in the storm around 8 or 9 this morning, but that doesn't mean it's over. Environment Canada says snow will pick back up by this afternoon to dump another few centimetres."

Another few centimetres!!! Another inch!!! Head for the hills!!

Laugh, Montreal. Jeer, Edmonton. TO deserves it.
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