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First month thoughts

How long a month January always is. Five weekends does do it, but still. The year moves very slowly at its start, like a beast just up from hibernation, and I read immense amounts and it's still only the middle of the month. And then one gets into the way of it and weeks speed by and another year is gone again. Nothing stops this, I'm convinced, but moving to a new place entirely and learning the habit of being all over again in a new setting. Which is exhausting and heart-breaking, but certainly does the trick.

Onmyouji 太極の巻
Mushishi 8
Silver Diamond 1-3
Ryuu no hanawazurai
Ze 9 & 10

Hat full of sky
I shall wear midnight
-- read the first Tiffany last summer, not a good time to read Pratchett or, last summer being as it was, anybody. After the remaining three, I think they may be among the best of his books. For supposed YA there's a gravity to them that balances the usual lightness of his books. No, I know he's not a light writer, but somehow... the witches needed Tiffany's POV to look most like themselves, is what I'm saying. I found them perfectly balanced which is hard to do in the voice and genre Pratchett writes in.

Broken Kingdoms
-- when's book 3 coming out?
Eight Skilled Gentlemen
-- have started Making Money to neutralize Hughart's impression before trying Bridge of Birds again.
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