mjj (flemmings) wrote,

My webmail app tends to choke on Japanese emails. Can't swear to this, but I think amazon was trying to tell me about a repackaged Gaiden in two volumes. I was all ohh maybe new artwork maybe I should buy, what's the exchange rate these days. Then I read the reviews, one thing amazon is good for besides ISBNs. It's the bunko version. Thank you, no. 'The stunning artwork, the story itself, come off looking bitsy and fussy' says the reviewer. I can imagine.

Been out of the Japanese Saiyuki loop for a while so hadn't registered that there's also a couple of volumes of short stories that completist me will pass on no problemo. Even if some of her stories are included -- doubtless the ones already on her webpage-- I've read the novels, and no, just no.
Tags: manga, saiyuki_gaiden

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