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Of toddlers and Broken Kingdoms

Ah, I would give a lot not to have to go out in what's happening outside the windows. I mean, all that's happening is a lot of cold and a toddler who wants to be with her Mom while her Mom has to plan lectures; but the first means I can't take the second out for a walk to distract her from the fact that I WANT MUMMY!!! and MUMMY WON'T PLAY WITH ME!! Is going to be a long afternoon. Could have fobbed the gig off on someone else but native resolution said You cannot ask a Sri Lankan to come out in -20C temperatures and spend ninety minutes getting here on non-existent Sunday transit when it's a mere fifteen minute walk for you. Play the man, Master Ridley.

Finished The Broken Kingdoms and very nice too. Am certain it turned up in my dreams, at least ambiance-wise, two nights running. Much more spacious than the 100K-- that palace was claustrophobic and not nearly visual enough for my very visually oriented tastes-- and with a larger and more interesting bunch of characters. Gods tend to bore me generally-- children of a larger growth, too often, and too often rather petulant children at that. Cf Greek mythology, horndog Zeus, small-souled Apollo, etc. And here? Teen emo! Nahodath nursing his grudges for a literal eternity oh-get-*over*-it. I mean what's the point of being a god if you're going to behave worse than humans? Godlings however don't have the same problem. Fine for them to be human genial, or small and petty, or well, everyday disaster if that's their thing. (Especially if the inner eye conflates Lil with Mae West's Diamond Lil to umm intriguing effect.) If I were ever to write Kingdoms fanfic, it'd be about the godlings. There's much scope for imagination there.

Also liked meeting Hado again, especially since I was never quite clear through 100K that there *was* a Hado. But now he turns out to be My Kind Of Character. So yes, a fun swim in Otherwhere, and the next book is about one of my faves.

But my mind still goes back to a niggling puzzle that hit me in the first pages, a case of American English vs the hybrid I speak. Oree has a den in her apartment. I suddenly realize I have no idea what kind of room a den is. No one I know has one. Mind proffers only mid-America mid-last century split-level Leave it to Beaver-land, where a den is a small room with shag carpet, a large TV, a Lazee-boy, and possibly a few high school football trophies on a shelf, where Dad goes to read the paper while the kids, presumably, play in the rumpus room. Such things do not exist in Sky (or here anymore AFAIK.) So what kind of room is a den?
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