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In Estonian nouns and pronouns do not have grammatical gender, but nouns and adjectives decline in fourteen cases

(swoons from rapture)

'illative, inessive, elative, allative, adessive, ablative, translative, terminative, essive, abessive, and comitative' ought to be a Tom Lehrer song. It scans if you pronounce the words as if they were Japanese.

For no good reason I am remembering my father's party trick of reciting the Writ of vi et armis from memory at the dinner table.

Rex vicecomiti salutem. Si A fecerit te securum de clamore suo prosequendo tunc pone per vadium et salvos plegios X quod sit coram justiciariis nostris tali die ostensurus quare vi et armis in ipsum A apud Trumpingtone insultum fecit et ipsum verberavit vulneravit et male tractavit, ita quod de vita ejus desperabatur, et alia enormia ei intulit ad grave damnum ipsius A et contra pacem nostram. Et habeas ibi nomina plegiorum et hoc breve.

The king to the sheriff, greeting. If A. give you security that he will prosecute his claim, then put B. by gage and safe pledges to appear before our justices on such and such a day, to show cause why, at Trumpington, he assaulted the aforementioned A, beat him, wounded him, and handled him so grievously that his very life was despaired of, and committed other atrocities upon him to the grave hurt of the aforementioned A and contrary to our peace. And bring with you the names of the pledges and this writ.

Mind, that webpage is misleading. The entry on Japanese grammar is very short and says "The good news is that Japanese has none of the following: gender, declensions or plurals. Nouns never conjugate and almost all verbs are regular." The bad news is that there can be two, three or four different verbs or verb forms for the same activity, depending on who you're talking to, and you have to grow up there to know which one to use.

ETA Which then segues into Complaints Choirs on Youtube.

The Helsinki Complaints Choir
--the grand-daddy
The Tokyo Complaints choir
--long intro but worth it. 'My grandmother thinks she's American'
The Birmingham Complaints Choir
--shall I confess that when I saw the singers arrive I assumed that was Birmingham Alabama? Not used to modern British diversity, me.
The Singapore Complaints Choir
--'what's not expressly permitted is prohibited'
The Chicago Complaints Choir
--music almost as good as the Finns'
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