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I wonder if there was the same outcry in FMA fandom over the translations as there was in Saiyuuki? I turn the subtitles on, from laziness and inability to understand the alchemical terms just hearing them, and I keep noticing that what I see doesn't match what I hear. Ed says 'The day we decided to leave we burned down our house.' The subtitle says 'The day we left home we burned down the family house and all the memories in it-- because some memories aren't meant to last.' Farewell Japanese understatement, hello hammer it home with a mallet overkill. Some officious translator or, more likely, editor has a very low opinion of western intelligence.

I shall quote Pratchett Gaiman again, just for the fun of it:

"It's not Brits who think American readers are a bunch of whinging morons with the geo-social understanding of a wire coathanger, it's American editors."

I can't decide if writing when you're uninspired is like exercising when you feel tired or eating when you're not hungry. I bet it's the latter, because it leaves me at least feeling worse than when I started.

I'm also having a crisis of faith over writing in the first place. I mean it's one thing if you're a god-given original who has thoughts no-one else does. You have to write your stuff because nobody else will. But there aren't many of those. If you're just one of the moderately talented producers of pleasant prose, and especially if you're a fanwriter, why bother? Any idea you have will be had, sooner rather than later, by one or another of the other moderately talented PoPPs. Just wait a bit and your story will be written for you by someone else-- supposing it hasn't been already. If you're not burning to write this thing, why write it?

The carrot for most people seems to be 'So other people will say nice things about my fic.' Uhh, yeah. But we note yet again that it's always the worst stories that get the most reviews, and that praise from certain people is no compliment at all. Rather the reverse.

So if you're not writing for you and not writing for glory and certainly not writing for money, what are you writing for? Perhaps there are Mother Theresa writers who do it to give pleasure to other people, and derive pleasure from that fact. Very altruistic, but subject to backfire: any stories *I've* written to please other people have signally failed to please the people they were intended to.

So if you don't *have* to write, why do it?
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