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Reading English authors, I often wonder if the unconscionable bullies they write actually exist in real life or if it's a sort of literary trope. It just seems odd that an adult who lives in a society where other people, yanno, observe and judge your actions all the time, could be so oblivious to the fact that what they're saying violates all notions of restraint, decorum, and civil behaviour. I say English because I only find this type in English lit-- from Lady Catherine de Burgh down to the latest Pratchett, which is what got me thinking. Granted, I need only go online and I find the bullying attitude everywhere, fuelled by an unquestioned sense of moral superiority and knowing that one is Doing The Right Thing. But I don't generally find it among English bloggers.

Finished Ze 10 this morning. I won't say gakkari but I'll be thinking it hard. No, I'll be thinking Oh god I might have known the reveal could never live up to the mystery. And I must be growing old. The sober serious fans over at FFR are having kittens over the most basic of yaoi plots, as if yaoi fluff had any connection to reality at all. But here is me thinking Oh way to go, sensei: shota-con and bestiality in one extremely unlikely package. Do you know what love is, Waki? "Sure I know. A boy loves his dog".
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