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Ze 9 & 10

My copies of Ze 9 & 10 came last week. Left them in the package; I was reading Pratchett and Ze has a certain mhh undeniable insistency to it. In a weak moment I opened it last night, reasoning that a single tank wouldn't take that long. Single tank because I'd already read vol 9, I just couldn't find it anywhere in the house and so, disgruntled, bought it again. My misty memory of reading it back in '09 was that I'd need it for reference when dealing with the fallout of the big honking spoiler at vol 9's end.

So open #9 to find where boring Konoe/ little twit story yields to Asari and Shoui's drama, and find myself with recap of scene that ought to be at #9's end. Read along and become convinced I've never seen this before. Belatedly check publication info. Came out in May last year. I don't have vol 9. I've never had vol 9. I stay up to 2 reading vol 9 and groan mightily when I reach 9's end because damn, *this* one I want to take slowly. Answers, answers at last within my grasp!...

...maybe. Have to say, if I'd been reading Ze in monthly installments-- or bimonthly or whatever-- I'd have been screaming at the poetic repetition and the thrice-iterated dialogue recaps. The pace of a tankoubon is not that of a magazine, and what makes for cumulative effect in the former is pure fannish torture in the latter. As an instance, what people were hoping for back in summer of '09 took half a year to materialize, and even that counts as fast as manga series go. (The reason I didn't register 9's appearance last spring may be that I wasn't expecting more than a tank a year.)

This is why one must be abstemious in one's fandoms, says the Epicurean. Happy to see a tankoubon, not panting for the monthly installment.
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