mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Have finished Silver Diamond 2. It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of a Sugiura Shiho series, largely because one can't buy her online. bk1 doesn't deal with her publishers, Kinokuniya disclaims all knowledge of her books though they carry them in the bricks'n'mortar, jpqueen has nothing but random volumes, and I can have her from amazon.jp for lessee 108 + 36 base handling fee + 71.50 handling fee + shipping for 20 volumes by Fedex = not to be considered/ less than roundtrip train fare to NYC.

Which is a pity, because 20 volumes of a Sugiura Shiho series would be lovely winter reading. Must plan a spring trip to New York and raid Bookoff. And meantime I read Yumemakura's Seimei.

OTOH this is why my life is on stall. What was I doing three years ago? Reading Silver Diamond. What was I doing six years ago? Reading Yumemakura. Are there no new worlds to conquer?
Tags: manga, onmyouji

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