mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Looking backwards

2010 was not a good year. Nothing terribly wrong, nothing at all right until the fall, and then I think I went a bit hysteric with relief. Am glad it's over, whatever, even if Eeyore here doesn't expect 2011 to be any better.

However I did do stuff this year that I've never done before, like attend a Buddhist ceremony and see Osgoode Hall on the inside and go to Peterborough (I know very little of my home province) and see the terra cotta warriors, which at least puts me one up on 2009 where I did none of those things. Nor did I realize what terra cotta means until I saw the mandatory French signage at the ROM saying 'cooked earth.'

December reading

Yakumo 18 &19
Kurotsubaki 9-11
Mushishi 6

O'Brian, Treason's Harbour
Soseki, Spring Miscellany

FWIW, this year I read 39 novels/ story collections, five of them in Japanese, and 73 manga, four of them in English; and wrote very little indeed.
Tags: manga_10, o'brian, reading_10, rl_10

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