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However many things make an entry....

1. People have been putting up their Read This Year lists, and their Memorable Book of 2010 lists. I have no memorable books per se, but I did read eight Aubrey/ Maturins this fall. And then kickinpants sent me a Winnie the Pooh e-card this morning (the real Ernest Shephard Pooh and not the evil Empire's cartoon version.) Which was lovely, but I found myself thinking by reflex, 'Pooh is a lot like Jack, isn't he? And Piglet...' is *not* like Stephen, no really he's not.

2. Is very discouraging when I'm sitting reading my Japanese book with the Wordtank beside me for obscure flower names and the Heian word for comfy booties (襪) and my waitress comes bouncing up and says 'Oh, you're learning Japanese? That's amazing!' I suppose I'm still learning, yes, but even so... I should note that Korean waitresses never say this. They say, 'You read Japanese? That's amazing!' which is much more encouraging.

3. The book of course is one of Yumemakura's Seimeis. Once again I wish for the Japanese equivalent of the Oxford English Dictionary to give me a snapshot of a word's evolution. In this story a certain military type has mysteriously disappeared, and another court type has become seriously ill with Howler Monkey sickness, because in his agonies the patient makes a noise like a monkey's howl. There's a connection between the soldier and the courtier-- in the past the courtier very much kawaigatte ita'd the soldier. Kawaigaru can have the sense of 'show extreme favour to', but of course I know it from BL where it's what the villain always says before he ravishes the hapless uke. 'I'm gonna treat you reeeal nice' is what it effortlessly translates to there. And now I don't know if it's supposed to have a sexual element in Yumemakura, or if it's just another way of saying the courtier looked out for the soldier's interests and furthered his career or something.

4. In this volume all of a sudden we have Yumemakura saying 'Seimei was always extremely polite to Hiromasa in front of other people.' And I say Since when? But then I'm not sure I've ever seen Seimei talking to Hiromasa in front of other people before; at least not people who could hear him. Unconscious monks are another matter, presumably.

5. Also I don't really need the Wordtank for 襪 and so on, because as soon as he uses some period word, Yumemakura tells you what it means, which is nice of him. The flowers OTOH you're supposed to know, even if they're not in the Wordtank, much less on the NAmerican continent.
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