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Mundane natter

Variable weather scrambles the head, yes. Monday was perfect July- hot, sunny, DRY. Tuesday was supposed to be 37 and thunderous, and instead was 24 and rainy, with grey humid air like a blanket. Turned on the AC just because the house was unbreathably stuffy. At which temperatures plunged and gave us duvet weather Wednesday, grey cold scattered rain that cleared into a rational cool evening and a decent summer day today: warm in the sun and cool in the shade. Having gone through three seasons in four days, and not been able to wake up on the last of them, any sense of 'now' I might have is completely foutu. This is not helped by reading Gene Wolfe's There Are Doors and an Ima Ichiko where no-one seems to be who they say they are.

Other weirdnesses appear to heighten the dream-like disequilibrium. The Cat arrived Monday evening and has been here indoors ever since. His spring-sleek fur has gone summer knotted and disreputable, and I noted a rough spot- old bite or something- between his shoulders that he didn't want me touching. Is fine. Came home y'day, had a bit of snuggle with him on the couch, did shopping, came back thirty minutes later and saw a two and a half inch bald spot down the middle of his back, with a scratch or two at the top closest to the head. He seemed perfectly unconcerned, and the scratch may have been from before, but what's with all the fur moulting suddenly? Granted the room's dark and some of the bald is hidden when he sits, I'd still have seen the place where the scratch is if it'd happened earlier. But short of rats in my cellar (unseen and unheard) I can't think how he did it.

He was at the vet's Monday getting shots and the vet said he was fine. Which I'm not so sure about- what I took Monday night to be some sticky food stuck to his jaw is revealed as a small cut around the mouth. This is all very worrisome. I'm currently applying antiseptic and Polysporin as per his usual routine, since he's an old scrapper who scraps when he gets out.

And in other mysteries, why would Photoshop giving a flying... hoot about my email program? But when I open or save a scan, up pops the 'You have no default email program listed.' A lie- I do. 'Please designate OE as your default email program.' I did, ages before I loaded you onto this beast.

The thing is I had this problem before, years ago when I went to Win95; and I can't remember how I got rid of it. I suppose one just continues to poke at options and menues until something finally clicks. A surprising number of people who charge for their trouble-shooting services seem to do that too- click menues and hope to find something that even remotely connects to the problem. Grr.

ETA: what it takes exception to is not having Outlook listed as the default. Do that and the prompts vanish. But why does a command to 'open file' in Photoshop require a 'messaging request' in my email program; and why can Outlook alone handle these 'messaging requests'? Sounds fishy to me.
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